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How Shopify supports internet trolls

Story about an e-commerce company who enabled misogynists and destroyed the business of a lesbian artist.

Illustration by Eggen

My nightmare began after two men, K. Montgomerie (KM) and Owen Jones (OJ) attacked my eshop. They say they are ‘trans rights activists’ but nobody can transition (aka "trans") from one sex to another - they are simply men’s rights activists who seek to replace sex with gender (the latter of which conveniently has no fixed definition).

You can read about the attack in my article Violent attack on a peaceful hashtag event on Twitter). Alongside KM and OJ, a man, who calls himself CursedE (presumably a derivative of the name Kirsty) decided to join in. CursedE is known under a selection of other names including Mitchell G. Slater / Kirsty Elizabeth Slater / Gemma Stone and thinks he is a woman. CursedE decided to manipulate my artwork, because it made him angry.

If you have never heard of this person, here is a little info about him. It includes a selection of comments and claims written by him and posted on Twitter and other websites.

Here are some examples of his tweets. Amongst the tweets you can see the names of women he attacked, e.g. Magdalen Berns and Helen Staniland. Many people know that Magdalen Berns was a notable lesbian feminist campaigner who sadly died of a brain tumour at the tender age of 36. Helen Staniland is well known for asking the question “Do you believe that male-sexed people have the right to undress and shower in a communal changing room with teenage girls?”.

He sent death threats to UK MP Rossie Duffield. He doxed Posie Parker and put her and her family at risk. Posie Parker is a British feminist who has vigorously campaigned for women’s rights and set up Standing for Women UK.

He posted the address and email of J.K. Rowling and sent his followers to attack her. He also enjoys deleting likes from her tweets and calls it “tweetus deletus”

That was just a little intro, but I think it’s enough.

Let's go back to his attack on me. He wanted to mock my illustration, but he just proved my point. Adding a pink-blue-white flag to the illustration didn’t change its meaning. It made the message even stronger. Men, who think they are women, say “we just wanna pee” (in women’s toilets), but far too many of them attack women who are fighting for their rights. Like a right to have safe spaces only for women for example. They also attack lesbians, because we exclude men from our intimate life - there are no “transwomen”, only men with paraphilias and fetish who think they are women because they ‘feel’ like one… something which is conveniently impossible to define as one doesn’t "feel" like a woman anymore than one "feels" like a human being - you either are or you are not. If you’re still in any doubt about the link between “trans women” and paraphilias, please look up the term ‘autogynephilia’ and the fact that “trans women” also share male patterns of criminality… not much of a shock given their biology.

Here you can see my illustration and the illustration manipulated by Cursed.

We Just Wanna Pee illustration

Some of his followers started to manipulate it as well. They behaved like immature teens. Showing off. Who can piss off “terfs” better. That is actually all that such men are about. It is typical behaviour of online trolls and bullies. For those wondering what a ‘terf’ is, it’s is the acronym for what such people call "Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists", i.e. radical feminist women who don’t want men who say they are women to have access to women-only spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, female prisons etc.

Some of these men are just misguided and believe that people can change sex, but many of them know very well that men can never become women. No matter how many female hormones they take or how many feminization surgeries they have, they will never be women. Reality is making these men, (who display behaviours of narcissistic and porn addicted sadists with paraphilias) desperate, angry, jealous and revengeful. In their mind, it seems that people, esp. women who are destroying their porn fantasies must be punished by them. Those who refuse to submit to their delusions have to be banned, deplatformed, fired from jobs, deleted, raped and killed (yes, women recieve also rape and death threads on social media every day for disagreeing that men can become women).

Cursed even wrote an article about me, so let's look at his reasons to attack me and punish me.

He saw some people on Twitter indicating that I should make art of him for my eshop. He must think highly about himself if he thinks people would buy merch with him on it. He obviously panicked and got scared so he went to check my eshop and found my merchandise “transphobic”.

Let's look at what exactly this misogynist found “transphobic”. It was my illustration which I drew for an article written by Mr. Menno for Gay and Lesbian News. It was checked by their lawyers and I can do whatever I want with it. The illustration is based on a man, who became “famous” for shouting “It’s Ma’am!” after an employee of a shop he entered called him “sir”. The employee was threatened with being reported and the man demanded to be called ”Ma'am”. You can see the video, which became viral here. But according to Cursed, that ma’am man was a victim of harassment. This is just a case of one man with a fetish protecting another man with a fetish - regardless of the consequences for anyone else e.g. the shop staff and other customers.

Below you can see a photo of “It’s Ma’am!” man and my illustration called "Gender In A Box".

Then Cursed discovered my illustration called “We Just Wanna Pee”. He was probably fainting and shaking at this moment. From shock and anger. What can make a fragile man feel better? Revenge! Let's edit that illustration! Yipee! I imagine the heart of the man started to beat with euphoria, his mind deciding to crudely cover my artist’s watermark and slap a “trans” flag in the background. Here we go! And what else can help piss off that “transphobic” woman? Pink hair! Let's give the man pink hair! Now it’s perfect. And then Cursed set it as a new banner. Problem solved.

As he wrote himself, his mission was to piss me off. He thought he would achieve that by “reversing” my illustration. His brain must work in a very strange way if he thought that by adding a “trans” flag and pink hair to my art he reversed the meaning of it.

I asked him to remove my manipulated artwork or I would take legal action. Why would I be nice to a homophobe and misogynist? They think they can attack women and lesbians and there will be no consequences. They think that when they shout “TERF” or “transphobia” they look like victims and people will feel sorry for them. I laugh when I hear those terms, because they mean nothing. There are no “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”. There are women who exclude men from women’s spaces or competitions. There is no “transphobia” cause nobody is “trans”. Nobody can change sex (that is why a term “transexual” is nonsense).

After I wrote that tweet, Cursed deleted the manipulated artwork within 5 minutes. But his sensitive ego had to be very hurt because then he asked his followers to report my “hateful ass” eshop.

His followers massively reported my eshop. After that I received an email from Shopify that my eshop was disabled. Nearly two years of my work were gone in an instant. Just like that. They wrote to me and said that my eshop “is in violation of section 4 of Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy”.

I checked their website to find out what they mean by it. So section 4 means “Hateful content”.

According to the email I recieved from Shopify, I lost my online business because of my infographic explaining difference between Feminism and Gender Ideology.

Here you can see the infographic.

I am a woman and a lesbian who’s work focuses on protecting animals and the rights of women and LGB people. I draw illustrations of endangered animals and write articles about them and create designs that support women’s and LGB rights. But Shopify agreed with the trolls that my eshop is “hateful.” Companies like Shopify enable misogynists to harass women and destroy their businesses. And all in the name of inclusiveness and kindness to people who feel they are the opposite sex.

Shopify has “gender” in their policy instead of “sex”. “Gender” is the magic word that makes it possible for men with a fetish who ‘identify as women’, to openly and freely attack women. Shopify has also “sexual orientation” in their policy. But they had no problem in destroying the business of a lesbian, who is fighting against misogyny and homophobia. Who is fighting for her hard won rights.

Shopify gave me 30 days to export my store data. I couldn’t see my eshop anymore. Everything was gone. There was no discussion, they gave me no chance or opportunity to explain myself. They didn’t specify the reason for disabling my eshop. Just that it is hateful. How can protecting my rights as a woman and a lesbian be hateful?

I don’t think anyone who knows how much Canada is captured by Gender Identity ideology will be suprised by the fact that Shopify is an e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Read more about situation in Canada)

While Shopify helps online trolls to destroy businesses owned and run by women (I’m not the only one, e.g. Vanessa Vokey or Saoirse Connolly lost their eshops on Shopify as well), they are celebrating “LGBTQIA+” owned businesses. And a president of Shopify shares his favourite eshops like People Like Cute Shit.

Reporting is a weapon of mass destruction of women for porn addicted narcissistic men who fetishise women. They report women wherever possible and as much as possible. It is their hobby. To destroy women.

“Queer” activist L. Izaguirre wrote something that we can call the “How to destroy women manual”. It includes tactics like: infiltrate their organisations, go after their money, deplatform them from social media, dox them, deny them advertising, shut them out of safe spaces, report them to their employers so they are kicked out of jobs (or report them to their eshop platform and destroy their online business), harm them. You can read a whole “manual” here.

Those angry men who hate women would never be successful in destroying women's businesses if companies like Shopify (also Redbubble or Etsy) didn’t agree with them and didn’t support them in their harassment.

We desperately need more companies that are not captured by Gender Identity ideology, which is misogynistic and homophobic (men who identify as “women” and “lesbians” attack lesbians and call them “transphobes” and “genital fetishists” because they don’t want to date them). It’s not just e-commerce platforms, it’s also web hosting and payment methods that are captured. Angry men identifying as “women” attack and report women everywhere.

I experienced the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Gender Identity ideology and communism have a lot in common. Especially the denial of reality and the strong emphasis on reporting anyone who doesn’t conform to the regime, particularly regarding communication of ideas, beliefs and thoughts which may challenge the regime. During communism, people didn’t say what they really thought because they were scared somebody would report them. It could be a friend, colleague, uncle, brother or even your own child. People lost their education, jobs or even went to prison for saying anything against communists or communism as a concept. I find Gender Identity ideology as scary as the communist regime. I never want anything like that back. Ever.

After several months of working night and day, I built my eshop again. I also learnt as much as I could about how to protect myself against sadistic cyber trolls. Gender Ideology trolls and those companies who support them can pause me, but they can’t stop me. I will fight.

We all need to fight against Gender Identity ideology, because if we do not fight, we will lose much more than jobs or businesses. We all will lose contact with reality. We will not be able to define it as it is. Reality will become a belief. It will not be about what you observe but about what you believe in. And if you do not believe what you are told, you will be accused of committing a hate crime and pushed to pretend. By re-education, correction or punishment, like regimes do it with those who dare to disagree. If you think this will stop with the topic of sex and gender, think again. This will become endemic to free speech, which will dwindle until you realise it’s too late and you’re living under a regime.

Women will be erased. Because if any man can identify as a woman, who are women then? It is already happening. People pretend they can’t define a woman. We are called non men, uterus havers, birthing people, chest feeders etc.

Women and girls will lose their safe spaces, competitions or opportunities because men will be included. It is already happening. Men are welcome in the women’s only spaces and compete in women’s sports e.g. Lia Thomas.

There will be men in the spaces where women are most vulnerable. Like women’s prisons or rape crisis centers. It is already happening. Men are in women’s prisons in Ireland, USA and in Rape Crisis Center’s are attacked, Mridul Whadwa - a man working in a rape crisis center in Scotland, said to women they have to “reframe their trauma” if they believe that rape crisis centres should be segregated by sex. You can read about his belief’s on how women who are victims of sexual violence should be treated here. Women who have been raped in Sussex currently have to meet in secret if they need a female only space.

Same sex attraction will be erased. Because when a heterosexual man can call himself a lesbian and a heterosexual woman call herself a gay man, who are lesbians and gays then? We are not attracted to the same ‘gender’. This is also already happening. There are no spaces or dating apps for lesbians without men claiming to be lesbians. And if lesbians say no to them, they are called “transphobic” and are banned (e.g. a lesbian was banned from a lesbian travel group, because she said to a man that she is only interested in women). I guess one positive is if lesbians are all eventually banned then these men will have to just date each other…

Men can’t become women and women can’t become men. It is not a belief. It is a fact. It is biology. It is nature. And we, human beings, are a part of nature. We are not produced, we are born. Women and men are created by goddess mother nature, not by surgeons with a god complex. Lets fight together against the misogynistic and homophobic Gender Ideology. Together we will win this fight for reality and common sense. The fight is against narcissists, fetishists, men with paraphilias, misogynists and BigPharma and BigTech who support them, because they profit from it. Women are not punching bags, sex toys nor products that can be bought or sold. If they think they can erase us just like that and we will just accept it, they are very wrong.

Get ready, all of you that are supporting Gender Identity ideology i.e. erasure of women and same sex attracted people. Because no matter how much you try to silence us, women won’t wheesht.

Read more about attacks on me and my business in these articles.

Dirty Tactics, Clear Goal: Silencing Women by Andreia Nobre

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Watch the interview in which I also talk about the attack on my business.


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