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Violent story of a peaceful hashtag event on Twitter

It was an early April morning, around 3 am. I couldn’t sleep. I was reading stories by people on Twitter about how Gender Ideology is affecting them and their loved ones. It quickly became clear that people who don’t agree with Gender Ideology and see the danger of it, are violently attacked in comments both online and offline for their opinions.

Many people have anonymous Twitter profiles, just to be able to say what they think without fear of reprisals; it has been known for people to be personally targeted, doxxed and have their employer misinformed of their views. People who speak out against Gender Ideology also have their businesses attacked by those who disagree with them, as I will explain from personal experience later in this article.

People who speak out to protect women’s rights associated with Gender Ideology are regularly suspended or even banned from Twitter. Many people are scared to say what they think and feel. They can be attacked, lose friends, relatives, even opportunities and jobs. Freedom of speech is attacked every minute of every day across the world.

Twitter is an amazing social medium. You can share your thoughts, read stories by real people, you can ask questions, learn new things, see what is happening all around the world through the eyes of common people.

This is what Twitter says about itself...

We serve the public conversation. That’s why it matters to us that people have a free and safe space to talk.

It sounds great right? But the reality is different; people are scared to talk about Gender Ideology and their tweets are censored when they do. People who don’t agree with Gender Ideology are attacked by narcissists with mental disorders or paraphilias which are often openly stated in their bios and/or tweets. Twitter supports those who attack and fails to protect those utilising Twitter’s own declaration of having “...a free and safe space to talk”. 2021 is like 1984. People who worship Gender Ideology are creating enemies, learning to hate them and encouraging others to do so under the banner of ‘be kind’ and misleading claims of people being at a higher risk of suicide or violent crime simply for being trans.

Sometimes people are suspended from Twitter for no reason at all. You don’t even need to write that “men can’t be women”. I was suspended from Twitter just for saying “I need time for my lovely women and lesbians” to a woman. If it is a woman. Some people say it is a man, some say she has a "trans" sibling. She asked her followers to report me for misgendering - which seems to be a weapon of mass destruction of social media accounts these days. As you can see from the screenshot, there was no misgendering! The woman was only touched by the fact that I excluded her from my circle of women. Her ego was hurt.

This woman suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and is a self-proclaimed specialist in BPD and sexual health. People like her are not searching for professional help. They read some books or blogs on the internet and declare themselves specialists. They create their own mental disorder clubs on the internet and support themselves in their delusions. Mental health professionals listen to what patients say, but they don’t agree with their delusions.

Twitter behaves like a friend to these (often very young) people; we frequently see 14-25 year olds shouting at 40-80 years old and showing no respect. Twitter gives power to them and operates with a clear bias towards Gender Ideologists’ need to restrict freedom of speech for those with different views. I was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours (you can’t tweet, like, share or reply, you are there like a ghost). It is not about me being addicted to Twitter. My Twitter account is directly connected to my business. Suspending my account affects my sales, it destroys communication with my customers and followers. I’m not just an illustrator, I’m a writer as well. I also use Twitter for discovering information and asking people about their opinions, so I can write articles and books based on them. Because of the attacks made on me via Twitter, I now have to spend a lot of time and energy to protect myself and my eshop. I need that time and energy for creating new artwork, writing and communicating with my customers and supporters.

Now that I have introduced you to what is happening on Twitter, it is time to go back to the #VigilForTheLost event. So I was thinking, in that silent early April morning, how can the world hear about real life stories of people, who see dangers of Gender Ideology, when their voices are silenced by trans/gender people, their allies and even Twitter? When they are called transphobes, bigots, nazis, feminazis, TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and other ugly names? Then I came up with an idea - let’s do an event on Twitter which enables people to connect and share their stories. Let’s have one big thread and protect it as much as possible. I created the #VigilForTheLost hashtag and then I remembered I took a photo at the Velvet Revolution event we have here in Prague every year on 17th November. The photo was of a hand with a candle, which was going to be added to other burning candles. I found this to be a perfect image for the #VigilForTheLost event. Let me tell you something about Velvet Revolution, so you can better understand the connection between #VigilForTheLost and the Velvet Revolution against the Communist Regime.

The Velvet Revolution, sometimes also known as the Gentle Revolution was named as such because people completed the revolution with bare hands - they had no weapons, only flowers and were ringing with keys. It took place on 17th November 1989 and was a nonviolent, bloodless transition from communism to a parliamentary republic in the Czechoslovak Republic. From November 18 until November 28, during the general strike, mass demonstrations led by students and older dissidents against the one-party government of the Communist Party took place in Czechoslovakia. The Civic Forum led by Václav Havel, a rebel leader against communism, demanded the resignation of the Communist government, the release of prisoners of morality, and inquiries into the November 17 demonstrations during which anti-riot police injured 167 students and killed one. The result was the end of 41 years of one-party rule in Czechoslovakia.

This is why I found the photo from the Velvet revolution event perfect for #VigilForTheLost event. We remind ourselves of our regained freedom every year. It is the most important thing we lost during the regime! Freedom of speech, freedom to travel, freedom to learn other languages, freedom to disagree, freedom to be who you are and live as you want, freedom to create even freedom to love - because homosexuals went to prison. You couldn’t even write a song about a black flower; it was changed to white, so it had a more positive impact on the communist youth. Yes, that really happened! The song “White Flower” by a slovak singer Miro Žbirka was originally about a black flower but had to be changed due to the communist regime.

I was living under the communist regime for nearly 13 years. I can see a huge parallel between that regime and Gender Ideology. They are both about creating and pushing some new artificial truth and silencing the “old” natural one. There is a new knowledge which you have to accept without questions. If you disagree, you will be punished. There is no discussion. People who worship Gender Ideology often say there is “no debate”, “shut the fuck up” even “kill yourself terf”.

Those who aggressively push Gender Ideology are so scared of the opinions of other people on Twitter that they put them on lists called Terf or Gender Critical Block lists and they block everybody who disagrees with them. But even though they block people, they stalk them, make screenshots of their tweets and subtweet - a form of online gossiping behind your back using screenshotted tweets so you don’t know they’ve used your tweet like you would if they re-tweeted it. Under the communist regime as well as in Gender Ideology there is no freedom of speech, but strict censorship. As you see, we are living in the age of the Gender Regime.

After explaining the parallels between the Communist regime and Gender Ideology, let’s go back to the #VigilForTheLost event. So after I created a hashtag and found a photo, I prepared a main visual and tweeted it. Now I’ll tell you a story about what happened after that...

Some people started to share their stories which made me cry, because they were very strong, very emotional. Some people called me creepy, a weirdo and so on and people who believe in Gender Ideology started to attack me. After what I have experienced before, I was expecting attacks, but I wasn’t expecting such a huge massive contra action. It was at this moment that I understood how bad the situation with freedom of speech really is. People who shared their stories were directly attacked in comments or in subtweets behind their backs. The #VigilForTheLost was not understood. Some people thought that a vigil with a picture of a candle means that somebody died. Some people can’t imagine that we are hurt not just when somebody close dies. That we cry when we lose love, freedom, dreams or opportunities. People who worship Gender Ideology cry, shout, report and blackmail you with suicide threats if anyone misgenders them. Kids and young adults these days tell their parents that they can’t use the names their parents called them all their lives, because they have a new ‘gender’ and a new name - the names their parents gave them are now ‘dead names’. But when parents mourn the loss of their sons or daughters they are attacked and called hateful and transphobic people who talk about trans people as if they are dead.

I was attacked by that woman who reported me for misgendering again. She attacked the hashtag event, called me names, attacked my followers, wrote an article on Mumsnet against me and the event. Her thread was deleted by Mumsnet after being reported by many women. She also asked her followers to report me.

Another wave of attacks came from bluetick accounts with a huge number of followers...

Because the #VigilForTheLost event started to be massively attacked and reported, I created a blog article about the event. So the stories of people are in one safe place outside of Twitter and anybody can read them. Some people on Twitter who I had never heard of but who have many followers, like Montgomerie (a man identifying as a woman) and Owen (a man identifying as a man) attacked the hashtag event as well and sent thousands of people to my website. My Google analytics went crazy. People from all around the world were suddenly reading my blog article and had just one aim in their mind. To attack me and people who told their stories, not to read the stories or say something meaningful. Just to attack and destroy.

Here you can see more examples:

My eshop and Twitter account were shared on reddit, 4chan, github and many other forums where people who promote Gender Ideology plan their attacks on people, who know that nobody can change sex. They attacked my blog article with violent comments. I haven’t published them, because they were very disrespectful to people who are mourning their loss. However, I will show you some examples below. They even started to threaten me with attack in Prague - "Got contacts in Prague mate so don't try it ye little scumbag".

After they attacked my blog article, they started to attack my email and newsletter as well and sent me threads. They even created fake emails to do this in the cowardly way. One of those emails was even faking my domain address as you can see on a screenshot:

They attacked customer reviews of the products in my eshop as well. They wrote me that because of my art, which made them angry, they will go out and do a hate crime.

This still wasn't enough for people who believe in Gender Ideology. There was another attack on me and #VigilForTheLost on Twitter. A woman on testosterone, who thinks she is a man, created a fake and violent parody account of me. My face, my artwork even my name were manipulated, as well as a main visual of the #VigilForTheLost event. Copyright of my images was breached. The person was attacking me and my followers for more than 12 hours until Twitter did something. The person even went to the trouble of creating a second, fake Twitter account to continue their attacks:

They didn't photo manipulated just my face but also faces of my followers.

The actual hashtag #VigilForTheLost also started to be massively hijacked. While I was looking for stories of people under the hashtag, I also had to see and read very ugly comments everyday and report them for being violent, hateful or for misusing the hashtag. Look at some of the comments of people who believe in Gender Ideology:

I was also threatened to lose my vertebrae to Gender Ideology unless I shut up by an anonymous account on Twitter called "anarcho-trans demon". People like this individual, who use pronouns are nothing else than cyber bullies hiding behind a cartoon or an anime picture. These people are angry, full of hate, they have no empathy towards others and are jealous, because they have never achieved anything in their lives. Thanks to Gender Ideology they feel free to express their hate without facing consequences.

trans activists attacks gender ideology hate eggen blog vigil for the lost

Do you see why Freedom of speech is endangered? All I did was create a hashtag event and gave people the opportunity and space to say what they feel and think, to share their stories and mourn their loss. If I didn’t have my amazing followers who helped me and supported me, I would have had a very difficult time. Let me share some of their comments with you, because they gave me energy to protect myself and resist those who attacked. It made me even stronger, more positive and ready for another action. I’m very thankful! I forgot to mention that attacks of "trans rights" activists (nobody can "trans", so these are actually men's rights activists) started on my birthday. I had no time to celebrate.

After my experience with people who believe in Gender Ideology, I realized that Gender Ideology is full of narcissists. Narcissists don’t let people cry their tears or don’t listen to what people say and just use people as tools for making their empty lives better. The best you can do is to stay away from the narcissists, because they can’t be cured. If you want to know more about how to spot them and protect yourself against them, read my blog article “Stop Narcissists”.

So this was the violent story of one peaceful hashtag event. They can’t stop us from crying our tears and saying what we want. As the British comedian Eddie Izzard, who switches between girl and boy modes says, his clothes are not women’s clothes but his clothes, because he bought them, this blog is mine, I created it. And I will write about what I want! I will always do my best for the voices of women or lesbians to be heard.

Did you lose something or somebody thanks to Gender Ideology? Email it to or DM me on Twitter. Let the world hear your voice. Thank you!


After months of attacks a man, who calls himself Cursed (a friend of Montgomerie and Owen Jones) manipulated my artwork and sent his followers to report my eshop. After their reports, Shopify shut down my eshop for hate content (my info graphic explaining differences between feminism and gender ideology) and I couldn't even reply. It took me months to built my eshop and blog again. You can read about it in my article called How Shopify supports internet trolls.

You can see and hear me talking about the attack on hashtag event and my eshop

in this video interview:


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